Venture lending is a niche private credit strategy that often is misunderstood by investors and incorrectly viewed as riskier than other forms of lending, including asset-backed lending and traditional mid-market lending. Despite the structure of venture loans and its successful track record, the term venture debt is often associated with venture capital and its related high-risk and high-reward profile.

In this presentation, Jyotin Handa, Espresso’s Director of Finance, will debunk this myth. The session will review key attributes of venture loans, historical performance of venture loan borrowers, and Espresso’s performance over its 10-year history in venture lending. Learn why a growing number of SaaS businesses, technology borrowers and their sponsors are using venture debt as part of an overall funding strategy and hear of some of the key innovations Espresso is focused on, including its proprietary risk management platform.

Date: Thursday, Oct 17, 2019

Location: 120 Adelaide Street West, Suite 2400, Toronto, ON (map)

Time: 3pm-4pm


Jyotin Handa Director of Finance, Espresso Capital



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